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Who are we?

The Fun Curaçao team is a versatile team where everyone has his or her own tasks. Since 2018 we have started developing Fun Curaçao on Curaçao.

The reason for this is that we have conducted a thorough market research into the demand from guests and the demand from providers. The outcome here is clear: a platform where you offer everything and the guest can arrange everything directly on one website!
For us, this meant: Work to be done!

The idea behind Fun Curaçao

Curaçao has the ultimate climate to naturally relax on the beach. Local people also regularly go to the beach here and we often looked jealous at our fellow beachgoers how they were enjoying a BBQ with a nice cooling drink and did not suffer from hard buttocks by sitting in the sand, but comfortable in seats.

But yes, to buy your own beach chairs, cool box and BBQ for a stay on Curaçao for 1 to 2 weeks is a bit too far. As a result, we started looking for rental companies that rented these items for a good price. Unfortunately, we could not find it. That is why we have started renting out beach equipment!

Then we went a step further, namely arranging our official Safari exemption, which allows us to provide off road tours with our beautiful blue Pick-up. From this activity we decided to create a platform where everyone on the island can offer his or her service.
Everyone is welcome at Fun Curaçao

From dentists to hotels, it is all possible and allowed at Fun Curaçao, as long as we treat each other with respect. We strive for a well-functioning platform where the guest cannot be happy with the possibilities. And where the provider can bring his item to the attention!

What does Fun Curaçao do?

As you may have seen on the website, we are a platform for companies on Curaçao, so that people looking for products or services only need to go to one website!

You can read how this idea came about in the About Us article!
Rent beach equipment on Curaçao

One of the best activities we find is the rental of our beach equipment on Curaçao. Tourists but also local people come to our location to rent beach equipment. With this you complete your holiday and you can enjoy the sun, sea and beach!

Tours in Curaçao

In addition to renting out beach equipment, we also have a safari exemption that allows us to officially give tours on Curaçao as a company. This is great fun to do because we love off road tours to show you the hidden places of Curaçao.

Maintaining the platform, contact with providers and guests

Developing and managing the platform is also one of our daily activities. We think it is important that everyone experiences ease of use and is able to use our platform.

In addition, we naturally have contact with guests and providers to answer questions.

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